Taffiney Williams

Relationship Strategist/Author

Born to teenage parents, Taffiney Williams was adopted by her great aunt and raised as an only child in Jackson, MS. From her mother’s womb, where she survived an attempted herbal abortion, she continues to be a testimony that God is still in the miracle-working business and that His original intent for your life is not determined by you. 

Taffiney is a multifaceted professional renowned for her contributions as an International Speaker, Master Life Coach, Producer, and Relationship Strategist. She is the visionary behind the "Would You Marry You" movement and Relationship YOU-niversity, which both focus on self-improvement and introspection to cultivate healthier relationships. Her career, spanning over two decades, includes international acclaim for her speaking engagements, which emphasize the importance of self-evaluation in forming meaningful connections. Williams is also an award-winning Producer and has been instrumental in inspiring individuals to embark on transformative personal journeys​ (CWIMA ELEVATE Conf.)​.

Williams' work emphasizes the importance of understanding oneself before seeking or improving relationships. She believes that by fostering self-awareness and self-love, individuals can create stronger, more fulfilling connections with others. Her movement encourages people to reflect on their personal qualities and behaviors, asking themselves if they would be satisfied with themselves as a business partner, spouse, or even a friend. This introspective approach aims to address personal growth and relationship health simultaneously.

In addition to her motivational speaking and coaching, Williams has produced various media projects that align with her mission of promoting personal and relational development. Her contributions have earned her numerous awards and recognition within the media and coaching industries. Through her work, she has influenced many leaders to take proactive steps towards bettering themselves, their teams and their relationships, making her a prominent figure in the realm of personal development and relationship coaching for leaders individually and larger organizations.

She is the CEO of Journey to Impact Ministries, Would You Marry You, Relationship YOU-niversity and Taffiney Williams-Relationship Strategies 

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