A Journey to Truth

A Journey to Truth

A Journey to Truth

Depression, confusion, frustration, sadness—these feelings I’d grown to know so well. Here I was yet again—so in a dark place. Depression at it’s finest. This had become a cycle that seemed to be out of my control. I had become somewhat comfortable with a certain level of insanity. (doing the same thing and expecting a different result), I began writing, beginning with my earliest memory. 

The pains, fears, and pleasures of searching for answers to how I got to this place yet again. I realized my voice had been trapped under my trauma and I wanted to be free.This was the birth of A Journey to Truth. What began as a healing journal seeking wholeness morphed into a step-by-step process of disowning the lies I’d believed about myself based on circumstances that were beyond my control. 

These lies caused me to behave in ways that reflected a lack of self-value and invited further trauma through strained and broken relationships. Get your blanket, coffee, and a box of chocolates or nuts and get H.O.T. (honest, open, and transparent) with yourself. Identify the lies, disown them and seek the truth of God's view of who you are.

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