Relationship Readinesss Journal

Relationship Readinesss Journal

Relationship Readinesss Journal

This journal has been created to help you grow in every area of your life and experience transformation by renewing our minds. Reading provides the information. Reflecting and studying provide the revelation. When put into action, you experience transformation. Understanding and accepting God’s truth builds trust, strengthens our relationship, and heals heart wounds.

Relationship readiness is a strategically formulated process designed to create a lifestyle of growth, healing, and wholeness. However, this will not take place overnight; it takes being intentional. Daily, you will be given information that is designed to bring revelation. Once revelation is embraced and applied, transformation will be the result. By sticking to the process laid out in this journal, you will be able to track your growth and experience healthy relationships.

Each area of your life will be covered Monday through Friday for personal growth. The weekend is set aside for rest, reverence of the Sabbath, and reflection in preparation for the week to come.

May God bless your journey.

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